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For an art against the cartography of everyday life
2010-10-02 10:35:32 - by Nicolas Malevé

A beautiful synthesis of the questions surrounding the emergence a few years ago of Locative Media. By Rian Griffis.

«The title of this essay is a remix of the title of an essay by artist Martha Rosler originally published in 1979, “For an Art Against the Mythology of Everyday Life”. Rosler’s text is an engagement with what was then the emerging context now often referred to as “post-industrial globalization.” More specifically, it is an engagement from the perspective of someone attempting to make things – art works – that can “address these banally profound issues of everyday life, thereby revealing the public and political in the personal”. She was particularly interested in both the oppressive and potentially liberating aspects of “mass media.” Here, I want to take up where Rosler left off, discussing the potential of art, and technology, to “step toward reasonably and humanely changing the world” using the example of what is commonly referred to as “locative media.”»

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Rian Griffis references a few interesting resources, among others a polemic started from Questioning the Frame a text by Coco Fusco. A good part of the responses are compiled here.

Of interest too is Drew Hemment’s The Locative Dystopia.