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Trésor: what is this?

Trésor is a computer project carried out within the framework of the Towards project, whose aim is to allow the collective and interactive conception of digital maps. Trésor is not strictly speaking a software but a series of links between different existing softwares, of which it extends the functionalities.

One distinguishes three important layers for Trésor :

1/ The data layer, which uses a software able to connect itself to several GIS databases and to link their information. (Map Bender)

2/ The rich vector editor layer, which uses a vector drawing software able to upgrade its functionalities through plugins and that allows the production of maps in a format adapted to the printing and to Web exports. (Inkscape)

3/ The Web viewer editor layer, which uses the functionalities of Web browsers. (Firefox, Openlayers)

Thus, the users of Trésor will be able to work on a map from their vector drawing software, to get precise geographic data and to apply transformations or projections. The result can be printed in high definition or shared on the Web, where other persons will have the possibility to edit the map or to contribute to it thanks to a Web interface easily accessible. All the components of Trésor are distributed under free licenses.

Download the complete map of Trésor (pdf, 1,1 MB)