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CityGML : An Open Standard for 3D City Models ?
2007-11-27 10:48:27 - by Pierre Huyghebaert

Une série de villes, allemandes entre autres, développent des modèles 3D complets les représentant.

Excerpts :
"CityGML is a common information model for representing 3D urban objects. It defines classes and relations for the most relevant topographic objects in cities and regional models with respect to their geometric, topological, semantic and appearance properties.
Currently most virtual 3D city modeling efforts, like the Google tools, provide only graphic or geometric models, neglecting the semantic and topological aspects of the buildings and terrain being modeled. A common issue with these and other city 3D modeling efforts is lack of interoperability. Web-aligned open standard geometry models for computer graphics (e.g., X3D and geospatial technologies (Geography Markup Language 3 (GML3)) are available but still relatively new and not yet widely adopted. Though their common XML foundation provides the elements needed for convergence, this convergence has not been addressed - yet.
Visualization is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, some applications of great importance to society, such as disaster management, homeland security and advancement of sustainable energy facilities, would benefit immensely from being able to immediately integrate 3D city models developed for other purposes. This will only become possible through the development and widespread use of an open 3D city model standard that is harmonized with various other standards. CityGML is intended to enable and achieve all these goals."
The entire text + un communiqué de presse en français.